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HM PDC cutter
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HM ---- Cambered face PDC cutter
   This type of the PDC cutter is different from the common ones. It has higher impact resistance with its cambered face shape of diamond surface.


Model Diameter-D Height-H Diamond Thickness-E Tungsten Carbide Chamfer-β
HM1305 13.44mm 5.00mm 1.80-2.50mm 0.5×45°
HM1308 13.44mm 8.00mm 1.80-2.50mm 0.5×45°
HM1313 13.44mm 13.20mm 1.80-2.50mm 0.5×45°
HM1608 16.00mm 8.00mm 1.80-2.50mm 0.5×45°
HM1613 16.00mm 13.20mm 1.80-2.50mm 0.5×45°
HM1908 19.05mm 8.00mm 1.80-2.50mm 0.5×45°
HM1913 19.05mm 13.20mm 1.80-2.50mm 0.5×45°

Note: customized sizes are available.

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