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PDC cutter for oilfield
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SDP ---- PDC Cutter for Oilfield Drilling
    This kind of PDC cutter which can be embedded into oilfield drilling bits is sintered at extremely high pressure and temperature. It is composed of diamond and kentanium. In order to ensure its quality, we adopt advanced technical formula and synthetic techniques from both home and abroad. Using the hyperfine diamond powder as raw materials, the diamond layer can reach 2-3mm. The sintering technologies that we use to make this type of the PDCs, which can form stable D-D combinations between molecules, have greatly improved its durability and toughness, and have prolonged its service life. Our special techniques adopted in the combination of diamond and kentanium, which make the WC dissolve into the diamond under extremely high pressure and temperature, can also ensure the impact resistance of the PDC cutters. In addition, we use a unique binding material between the diamond and kentanium to eliminate the heat stress of the junction.





Diamond Layer-E

Diamond Chamfer-α

Tungsten Carbide Chamfer-β
SDP1308 13.44mm 8.00mm 1.80-2.50mm 0.4mm×45° 0.50mm×45°
SDP1313 13.44mm 13.20mm 1.80-2.50mm 0.4mm×45° 0.50mm×45°
SDP1608 16.00mm 8.00mm 1.80-2.50mm 0.4mm×45° 0.50mm×45°
SDP1613 16.00mm 13.20mm 1.80-2.50mm 0.4mm×45° 0.50mm×45°
SDP1616 16.00mm 16.00mm 1.80-2.50mm 0.4mm×45° 0.50mm×45°
SDP1908 19.05mm 8.00mm 1.80-2.50mm 0.4mm×45° 0.50mm×45°
SDP1913 19.05mm 13.20mm 1.80-2.50mm 0.4mm×45° 0.50mm×45°
SDP1916 19.05mm 16.00mm 1.80-2.50mm 0.4mm×45° 0.50mm×45°
SDP1919 19.05mm 19.00mm 1.80-2.50mm 0.4mm×45° 0.50mm×45°

Note: customized sizes are available.

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